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Accurate Times 5.6

The main function of Accurate Times is to calculate the Islamic prayer time

Accurate Times was designed by the chairman of the ICOP (Islamic Crescents' Observation Project), its main function being that of calculating the prayer time of the Islamic people.
The mechanism of the program is simple: it automatically calculates the correct direction and time that should be used by Islamic people who pray so that they can position themselves to face the right imaginary direction towards Mecca. It also provides direction for Mecca using a World Map which can guide anyone on the globe who wishes to pray by positioning themselves in the right imaginary direction and at the right time.

In order to provide exact data, specific information about such elements as the sun, the moon, the lights and the shadows of the two play a major role. Thus, the user is required to add them into the corresponding fields on the interface in order to obtain exact data about the correct praying time and direction.

After the data about the elements mentioned above have been processed, the program gives an automatic call for prayer which is launched a few minutes before the actual call, so that those performing the prayer can get ready and installed.

To sum up, Accurate Times is a good tool for users who are part of the Islamic world, who are frequent travelers, and who want to avoid neglecting their praying time by having access to precise directions regarding their body position and the accurate time of prayer.

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  • The call for prayer is launched a few minutes before the actual time


  • It requires knowledge about astronomical events related to the moon and the sun
  • Some functions require a telescope
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